Grant Guidelines

The Board of Trustees meets in the spring and the fall to consider grant requests. Trustees prefer not to be contacted directly.

Applications are to be submitted to the Foundation (postmarked) by March 1st and August 1st.


Our grant application is available online in PDF format.


Organizations should submit one copy of the application and requested materials. Please do not staple materials or place them in a bound notebook.

Postcards are mailed to applicants (after the deadline date) noting receipt of the application and the approximate date of the Board Meeting.

Grantmaking Policies

The Covington Foundation prefers to provide critical enabling revenue and therefore welcomes proposals in which Covington grants generate other resources and projects which may serve as models for other communities. Funds are provided for the following:

  • Acquisition / Rehabilitation / Restoration
  • Education
  • Operating and Program Support
  • Organizational Development
  • Publication
  • Research

Grants are made only to federally tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations. The Foundation does not make grants for annual campaigns. Grants are usually awarded for one year only. Organizations receiving grants are required to submit a report (in letter form) six months following receipt of the funds. All information relating to the grant is detailed in a contract signed by the Foundation and the organization.

Challenge grants may be requested or the Foundation may designate a grant as such. In either event, there is a three year time period in which the matching funds are to be raised.

For more information, contact the Marion Stedman Covington Foundation.